What are Lumi Lift Facials?

Is the best Austin hair salon simply a hair salon? Or is it an inclusive retreat where you can turn for everything from cuts and colors and beautiful nails to wonderful Lumi facial treatments? An inclusive salon is able to handle all of your beauty needs – as well as your well-earned need for relaxation.

Finding an Austin tanning, hair, nail, and facial salon may seem overwhelming: after all, there are so many choices. How do you find the right one for all of your needs? And if you are a gentleman in Austin, male waxing or facials may be something you want to pursue to keep your skin healthy and vital. You want to know that the salon will be able to accommodate your needs in a professional manner and can cater to men specifically.

From the use of world-class premium hair care products to the use of the most innovative and advanced techniques, you should find that your salon is able to satisfy your beauty needs professionally and thoroughly. A Lumi Light facial, for instance, is used to reduce redness, pigmentation, sun damage, and acne. This technique uses photo-energy, or light therapy, to gently and non-invasively target skin imperfections. It requires the use of special lights, to which your facial skin is exposed. You can see very quick results, including more radiant, tighter looking skin.

A LumiLift also uses photo-energy and micro-currents to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It can also provide a “lift” and tone the contours of the face. For these, as well as a variety of facials, including hydrating, chemical peel, or acne facials, Austin is a superb place to find the salon that can accommodate your needs. A full service salon can also provide you with a consultation with an Austin makeup artist who can give you tips and advice for enhancing the look of your skin to complement the facials.

Whether you are interested in obtaining services for bridal make-up in Austin or want to look and feel your best everyday, every facet of your beauty or appearance should be accommodated at an excellent inclusive salon and each should be attended to with equal professionalism and knowledge. While your appearance is not the most important aspect of you, it is an undeniable part of how you feel about yourself. Why not feel the best you possibly can?

For every service from Lumi facials to corrective color, Austin, Texas is your source for professional, courteous, and best of all, amazing results. Not only should staff be well-trained, the salon should promote the use of the best products and most advanced techniques that have recently become available to us, such as the Lumi Light and LumiLift facial technology. The beauty industry has come a long way in recent years and your own personal beauty will also come a long way when you are in the hands of a skilled, passionate professional.

About the Author: Kenneth Brown has written extensively about the beauty & fashion industry and enjoys informing consumers about the many options in this field

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